Systemic family therapy is one of the modern schools of psychotherapy. The client is the whole family, the whole family system, it is - the object of psychotherapy. Systemic family therapy is a method that helps in a short term to achieve significant and sustainable results which change the situation in the family for the better.

Why choose a family therapist

The systemic psychotherapeutic view on the development of various disorders in the human psyche argues that mental health is determined by the environment (the system) in which the person lives. The most important system for any person is his or her family. In the family a person learns to interact with others, where he or she defines own role and builds the system of values. Lessons in the childhood are often fixed for life and almost all significant human relations are being built based on this childhood experiences. Psychotherapeutic atmosphere in the family determines how participants are feeling. The family can heal but it may lead to serious disorders of not only functional but also on the organic level. Prolonged family conflicts, unresolved problems or acute emotional shocks directly affect the health of each family member.
Within systemic approach the family is considered as a separate independent body. This organism can be healthy, but may be ill. Family therapist is a specialist who deals with family health.


What may prompt to turn to a psychotherapist

  • complicated relationships with parents or with relatives of a spouse
  • relationship problems, family problems: the lack of mutual understanding, conflict, betrayal, love triangle, divorce, difficulties in the parent-child relationship
  • differences relating raising a child
  • difficult upbringing and the child's personality, disobedience, problems at school
  • the need to strengthen the family and overcome family crises
  • the need to change the hard-core roles and rights in the family
  • sexual disharmony, detection and elimination
  • emotional dependence on other people (parents, lover), codependency
  • overcoming the effects of violence or psychological trauma
  • dissatisfaction (inner conflict)
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  • getting rid of negative thoughts, fears, anxiety, panic attacks, allergies, psychological dependency
  • depression, lack of meaning in life; emotional vacuum
  • conflicts at work, conflicts with others
  • choice of a life partner (selection of a business partner)


There are a number of issues that systemic family therapy solves most successfully

  • The relationship between husband and wife which is the backbone of the family system - the roughness in the relations between spouses may seriously affect all the other family members. Resolution of marital difficulties - namely, divorce, infidelity, lack of understanding in the family, "a love triangle" - one of the main tasks of family therapy.
  • Crisis periods in family life.Such periods may be associated with happy changes in the family life (birth, marriage of a child, etc.), and with sad events (betrayal, loss of job, illness).
  • Relations between the generations. How comfortable your relationship with children, how easily you perform a parental role, whether there is a harmony in your relationship with own parents - all these issues directly affect our sense of inner well-being.

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The starting point of systemic therapy is the most accurate agreement between the therapist and the client (the word "patient" in most cases is rejected). The system-therapeutic approach is characterized by efficiency which focuses on the personal initiative of clients.


The starting point of systemic therapy

Family psychotherapist, in some cases, works the same way as a psychotherapist. Some people believe that the "family" only works with the family. This is not true. It can work both -individually and with whole family or with several family members.

I conduct successful practice in the field of individual, family and group psychotherapy counseling. A serious academic background and long experience helps me in my professional activity.

I find it interesting to communicate with people, it is interesting to understand what they think, what they experience, what and why are they doing, and why not otherwise. During our conversations I will help my clients to look at their relationships from a new angle, to see what mistakes they make in interpreting the feelings and intentions of others, will suggest to try new forms of communication. I also aim to push a person to ask himself a questions: “What am I doing? What for? What do I want to achieve?”

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Some couples often come to a family therapist in a situation of crisis and sometimes refer to a family therapist as to the judge expecting to hear one of two things: "Divorce! You do not have prospects" or "Build a relationship and here's an algorithm." Such expectations are absurd because each couple has its own characteristics and there is no universal algorithm.

In addition to a wide range of methods of systemic family therapy, I use methods of behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, psychoanalysis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

I am the one who will help you sort out your family problems and better understand yourselves, your role, the inner world of your partner and how your unconscious affects your family life.


What does the result depend on?

Firstly, in order to resolve family problems you need to realize that it is important to reject old stereotypes of behavior which are unconscious and grounded in the childhood. Secondly, one must strengthen the core family relationship between husband and wife. Thirdly, it is necessary to develop openness and trust to the world.

Family relationships should take into account the principles of mutual trust, sincerity, understanding and justice. If this is not observed then the internal order of relationships is violated which leads to family problems. The feeling of innocence emanating from a desire to protect own self-esteem also may bring relationship into a dead end.

I have developed an original "family screening test” using a polygraph (lie detector) for couples who intend to engage in serious or even family relationship. In more detail about it you may read in the "Family screening test" section.


make family therapy appointments

It is necessary to make family therapy appointments in advance.

If you cannot visit the family therapist personally, then it is possible to work with Skype.

All the information provided is strictly confidential.

To make an appointment write an e-mail, use the contact form or phone me.

The duration of the psychotherapeutic session:: 50 minutes

Price::Psychotherapeutic session - 75 Euros.

For recipients of social welfare and unemployment benefits I offer the discount up to 50%.

Your questions - free of charge


Duration of counseling 50 minutes
Price of counseling 75 €
Your questionsfree of charge
Social welfare discount up to 50%

The number of counseling sessions depends on your needs and desires.

It is necessary to make an appointment in advance. If you cannot receive personal counseling, then it is possible to work with Skype

To make an appointment write an send email, use the contact form or phone me.