Getting married is not only a joyful and exciting event for two people but also a very important decision that determines your future life for years to come.

Family screening test - examination before marriage

Getting married is not only a joyful and exciting event for two people but also a very important decision that determines your future life for years to come. More and more newlyweds make this decision consciously and carefully. At the time of love people involved are almost always biased. However, very often the cause of the marriage is extremely precise calculation of one of the spouses. The calculation can be different: long-term (strategic) or rapid (tactical) designed to receive a short-term benefit which is more common.

For the most part, it means that the benefit will be realized in the near future and the marriage is over without really beginning. Therefore, to determine the future duties and to protect property interest couples enter into a prenuptial agreement. This is a protection of the future. It is clear that if anything happens violating the agreement you will be able to protect your interests. This practice allows you to protect yourself in the future but cannot protect from the past of the groom or the bride.

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However, the nature of test questions of some existing examinations fit into the range of a normal personnel screening test or slightly exceed it (identification of hidden motives, true intentions of the potential bride or groom ( "marriage of convenience"), checking for the presence of some dependence (alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping and etc.), concealing problems with the police, criminal ties, criminal record, the real purpose of marriage (including a marriage on the instructions of mafia), plastic surgery, chronic disease, psychiatric or incurable diseases, including diseases of relatives, real number of sexual partners, husbands / wives, children, real biographical details, debts, loans or other financial obligations).


original "family screening examination" using a polygraph (lie detector)

This is only part of the questions the answers to which can protect your future. Therefore, I developed an original "family screening examination" using a polygraph (lie detector) for couples who intend to engage in serious or even family relationship. Testing themes of family screening selected individually on the basis of a detailed structured interview which relates not only to the family history but also a system of life values that are important to a particular future couple. It is necessary because in the family a person learns to interact with others, he or she defines their own role and builds their own system of values. Lessons of childhood behaviors are often fixed for life and based on them patterns of behavior are being built which affects almost all significant human relations.

It is well known that family conflicts arise mainly in connection with the four themes: sex, money, parenting and relationship with in-laws. By virtue of my psychotherapeutic experience I can say that it is only a matter of time before there is a conflict in one or more of the above areas of family life. Nevertheless, divorce may happen because of ridiculous reasons. The biggest cause of divorce in US history was a different attitude of the spouses toward the war in Vietnam.

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Divorce statistics is relentless. According to statistics, in different countries between 33 (Germany) and 72 (Belgium) percent of marriages end in divorce. In the remaining couples most of the partners to a greater or lesser extent are dissatisfied with their family relationships. It is possible with a high degree of probability to suggest that only 10-15% of marriages are successful. The remaining pairs doom themselves and their children to suffer. Especially, differences of values, expectations and views on how "it should be in the family" as a whole determine the accumulation over the years of increased mutual irritation.


It should be also noted that testing on a polygraph can be only voluntary

The desire of the future spouses to explain their own positions and negotiate "on the bank" will help avoid debilitating family conflicts and subsequently extended and costly divorce proceedings.

For example, for one of the groom the fact that his fiancée was in the past, "Priestess of Love" is not an obstacle for marriage. However, for another groom the innocence of the bride is an indispensable condition, and any doubts about this can be a cause for perennial accusations. Similarly, for one bride groom's criminal history only adds to the romantic charm but for another makes him unacceptable. One young couple is going to visit swingers clubs whilst for another couple even a fleeting flirtation will be a reason for many scandals. One groom expects his bride to get up every morning at 6 am to prepare breakfast when he goes to work because so did his mother to his father. On the contrary, in the other couple the bride is expecting every day coffee in bed from a groom.

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In order to get an optimal result I conduct a preliminary interview with the initiator of the test during which any fears and wishes are discussed. Then, I prepare the individual specialized test designed for the specific individual and this particular situation. Under these circumstances the high level of professionalism is required as well as knowledge of psychology, a sense of tact and endurance.

During a honeymoon period newlyweds may have many questions to each other but because of the "embarrassment", "modesty" and high morals but they do not dare to ask each other. Even if such questions are asked - not all are able to properly see the reactions to these important questions.


individual specialized test

Do not tempt the fate and rely on blind chance. In order to protect yourself, your future and the future of your children it is better to check the groom or bride. It is even better to pass a polygraph test together. If both future spouses are tested it will help identify the degree of interoperability, make a certain forecast of the relationship, anticipate future conflicts and prepare to solve them. Pass a polygraph test and marry happy, consciously loving each other.

Naturally, such a test is carried out only under permission of the bride or groom. It should be also noted that testing on a polygraph can be only voluntary. You can encourage your future spouse by indicating your own readiness to take a test and it will increase the level of trust between you.

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Please, pay attention to the rules of family screening test

  • • Since this test is very important and meaningful for people 100% prepayment is required.
  • • The presence of the future spouse categorically is not allowed.

  • • Listening and observing of the person during the test by a third party is not allowed.

  • • Because the test results may have a significant impact a careful interpretation of the data is needed, therefore, the test results are communicated to the initiator via e-mail (preferably) or by other convenient methods.
  • • In case of violations of the conditions above as well as refusal to test, stopping the testing due to the fault of the client/initiator I reserve the right to terminate the test. In this case, the cost of the examination is not returned.

After the result of the family screening test is obtained by the initiator the counseling is offered to explain the results of the examination.

A prerequisite of my work is complete confidentiality.

Cost of the service:

Family screening test - from 650 euros (per person)


Cost of the service: from 650 € (per person)

A prerequisite of my work is complete confidentiality.