Polygraph examinations

Lie detection is a vast field of activity that requires practical as well as very specific professional knowledge and skills.

Social life consists of fraud

The daily life of many people is riddled with lies. Social life consists largely of fraud which has become an integral part of everyday communication. People have learned to hide their past, to hide their shortcomings, to change and adjust masking his or her features, changing behavior whilst presenting themselves in the way in which they want to present themselves or in a way they are expected to be seen.

People lie for different reasons. Some do it to make a positive impression and present themselves in a more favorable light, the other to protect themselves from the disapproval of others. Some cheat to get an advantage over the other and some to avoid punishment or adverse effects. Children lie to their parents, employees to employers, spouses to each other. Many deceive people for their own pleasure. For this sort o people a lie has become the norm and is not based on fear - they just like to lie. There are more and more of these professional liars every day.

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Deception may have very serious consequences. This applies to the field of business where the impact of a fraud or corruption can lead to a multi-million dollar loss or loss of a business as well as to the area of family and personal relationships where the effects of deception and betrayal can turn into a loss of property and a crippled life of spouses and children.

How to detect lies in the business and personal communications, prevent fraud, to reveal infidelity, to know the truth, to avoid traps made by fraudsters and save time, money, personal business, trust, love, family and dignity?

Kirill Erehman

Independently confront deception and try to identify lies relying on your own intuition is very difficult and sometimes impossible.

Lie detection is a vast field of activity that requires practical as well as very specific professional knowledge and skills.


polygraph examination is indispensable

The use of a polygraph (lie detector) is the method of choice in those instances when it is necessary to quickly assess the accuracy of the information reported by a specific person.

Polygraph tests are an indispensable way of obtaining the required information in the following situations:

  • When it is not possible to fully verify the required information without interaction with a specific person.
  • Getting the information you need is possible without the polygraph but it is associated with huge monetary costs, loss of time or requires the use of a large numbers of people.
  • Urgent need to obtain the necessary information.

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Polygraph examination for individuals and organizations is conducted by me using the contact professional polygraph "Energy".

The use of polygraph may be divided into two parts:

  • Screening test (examining job candidates and periodic polygraph tests of existing staff). This is a test on a polygraph for the sake of staff selection as well as an evaluation of existing staff. This procedure is aiming at filtering candidates in the honesty and reliability field.
  • Investigation (internal investigation). This includes investigation of theft, bribery and financial fraud.

Separately, one can classify polygraph test to screen doubtful and risky transactions (high level of risk) as well as polygraph services for the benefit of private individuals (family issues).


In recent years it became more and more popular to use polygraph test in order to establish the fact of adultery. This type of testing can eliminate misunderstanding aroused between the partners. As practice shows, check on a lie detector is often the only way to save family relationships on time.



Screening test (examining job candidates and periodic polygraph examinations for employees)

Screening is a test of the candidate for the post, the evaluation of existing staff in order to identify risk factors which prevent the normal performance of their duties and threatening the employer and the staff in general.

Practice has shown that the level of security of the enterprise the higher the ruthless screening personnel is. Studies show that about thirty percent of those surveyed conceal negative information about themselves.

While examining candidates for job positions, it is possible to measure their capabilities in many fields, but it is not possible to determine the chances of candidates betraying their employer's trust using conventional means.

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During the classification process, candidates will do their utmost to impress the interviewer and will most certainly not disclose past deeds or their future intentions. Research in this field has indicated that employees betray their employer’s trust only after a period of adaptation (which continues for a few months) to the workplace after they feel more certain and are familiar with the loopholes in the organization.

By using a polygraph examination of job candidates it is possible to filter out candidates who could cause damage to the organization. Research has proved unquestionably that a person who has betrayed his employers trust in the past is highly likely to do so again. During the polygraph examination I would examine whether the candidates acted exceptionally in the past by deviating from the accepted norm. The issues examined during the process are coordinated with the organization in advance in accordance with the organization's nature, the nature of the function and the risks involved therein.

There has to be trust in the employee-employer relationships which would enable proper working, free of infinite inspections, for an organization to function effectively. A periodic polygraph examination of the employees in an organization is meant to trace suspicious employees, who betray their managers’ trust and, on the other hand, the test verifies and strengthens trust in honest employees. In addition, in organizations in which there are frequent periodic polygraph examinations, most of the employees will avoid offenses against the organization. Using periodic polygraph examinations acts as a restraint and prevents offenses, which would have occurred in any other situation. During any periodic polygraph examination, employees will be asked questions that have been prepared by the employer in advance, in accordance with the nature of the function and the organization.


Areas of screening tests:

  • Testing of candidates for employment

    Objective: Selection of most reliable and competent staff.

  • Inspections of existing staff

    Objective: To test the loyalty, identifying violations in the course of working, prevention of violations.

  • Check of the dismissed staff

    Objective: to prevent theft, including commercial information, documents and databases; to prevent the transfer of these to competitors, criminal organizations or other interested parties.

  • Private check in case of hiring domestic staff

    Objective: To select a reliable, honest and highly professional home staff (nurses, governesses, tutors, housekeepers, personal drivers, bodyguards, cooks, gardeners, janitors, etc.). Objective: to increase the level of security of families.

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The use of the polygraph and other methods of lie detection is a powerful deterrent of unlawful acts against the company. People understand that they may be caught and, for the most part, refuse to commit acts harmful to the company because of the fear of incrimination.

Employment of any untested domestic staff can be very expensive and lead to negative consequences.



How is the screening conducted?

Testing lasts approximately two hours; results are prepared on the day of test and forwarded by e-mail to the initiator until 20:00 on the same day.

Official investigation (polygraph examination) following an event in the company.

Almost in every company occur unpleasant incidents and accidents such as a theft of cash, documents, goods, malpractice, kickbacks and bribes. In these cases, there is a need for an official investigation, which helps to find the culprits, return the lost money or property whilst return staff confidence and stability.

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At the time that a criminal event or an ethical offense takes place in an organization, the organization and its manager’s find themselves lacking direction. Within moments the organizations employees in general and those that were proximate to the incident in particular, become suspects. This could result in creating an atmosphere of mistrust and suspicion towards the employees on the part of management. A focused (specific) polygraph examination following an event will enable removing suspicion from employees who had no part in the incident, while assisting management or the inspection unit to trace the guilty parties. A rapid response, which would enable performing polygraph examinations for a maximum number of employees in a minimal amount of time should streamline the process, sharpen the findings and especially, enable the organization to return to normality rapidly.

The use of a polygraph in conducting internal investigations reveals perpetrators and accomplices of illegal actions whilst determining the role of each of them.

Testing on the polygraph is not a punitive instrument but a priority to weed out all uninvolved people and prove their honesty.


Polygraph test for individuals

Detection of marital infidelity

Sometimes people close to us do not only support and give us happiness but also insult our feelings and betray. In this case, the closer the person, the harder it can hurt. Marital infidelity is one of the most negative aspects which may be encountered in relations. At some point in life any family can face difficulties and one should immediately take action to help preserve the family and relationships.

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How to reveal the adultery? How to find out the truth? How not to lose and return the husband or wife?

Testing on a polygraph (lie detector) is not a whim of one of the partners which aims to offend someone. In many cases, this is really the only way to protect you and increase trust for each other.

The main principle of my work is aimed at protecting the individuals’ right of privacy, especially in such sensitive issues as the identification of marital infidelity. That is why I do not write down and never record your personal or passport information.


Who cannot be tested on polygraph

Conducting a polygraph examination is forbidden for:

  • Persons under the age of 14
  • Pregnant women
  • Persons with cardiovascular, respiratory system (acute heart failure, hypertensive crises) illnesses.
  • Persons who are in a state of alcoholic, drug intoxication, hangover or under the influence of psychotropic drugs, tranquilizers or other drugs

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Persons with ...

  • Persons with severe pain.
  • Persons with coughing, runny nose, epilepsy, asthma.
  • Persons who have had in the past 6 months: heart attack, stroke and major surgery
  • People who are physically or mentally exhausted (fatigue).
  • People with a mental disorder or mental retardation.
  • People with acute infectious or viral diseases as well as in case of aggravation of chronic diseases.


Identification of deception complexly

I undertake identification of deception complexly. That is why I do not use only the polygraph (lie detector) but also conduct a detailed psychological analysis of human behavior; analyze his or her non-verbal behavior followed by assessment of inconsistencies of verbal and nonverbal signs.

I am a psychologist profiler. Profiling is decoding and analysis of the information transmitted through body signals, facial expressions and voices in the process of communication (comparison of non-verbal behavior and speech content), revealing the lies and ulterior motives.

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I evaluate the audio and video information which is recorded by technical means. I also conduct a psychological analysis of human behavior and assess the reliability of reported information during negotiations, meetings, interviewing suspects and in other situations. Furthermore, I constitute the partial physiognomic and psychological portrait based on the video and all other available information about the particular person. This service can be used, if necessary, to distinguish the lie and the truth with people who are not subject to a polygraph examination.

"Lie Detector" is not a universal method of determining a truth and a lie but merely another tool clever use of which may help to answer the question: "Is the source lying when telling about a particular event or telling the truth?"

The validity and reliability of the results of a polygraph test vary between 95 and 99%, subject to high qualification of polygraph expert.

I do not announce the intermediate and preliminary results during and right after the examination as it takes time to carefully decipher the readings of polygraph (polygrams) for the most accurate conclusions.

Within two days of the test the client is issued a full written report.

Complete privacy and responsibility for the quality of the work done is guaranteed.

The price of polygraph examination depends on the complexity of the task.

Cost of services:

  • Screening of a new job candidates - from 250 euros
  • Screening of working personnel - from 300 euros
  • Screening of the home staff - from 300 euros
  • Investigation of deception, fraud and theft - from 450 euros
  • Conducting investigation of serious criminal offenses - from 950 euros
  • Investigation of marital infidelity - from 450 euros
  • Family screening test - from 650 euros (per person)
  • Consultation of the polygraph examiner - from 120 euros / hour


Job candidates from 250 €
Personnel / home staff from 300 €
Fraud / marital infidelity from 450 €
Criminal offenses from 950 €

The price of polygraph examination depends on the complexity of the task