Counseling is a form of psychological help aimed at solving client’s problems. In the context of psychological counseling the treatment of mental disorders and diseases does not take place. It is the task of psychotherapy. My experience and expertise lie in the field of applied psychology, systemic family therapy and social therapy, as well as instrumental lie detection.

Examples of tasks and counseling purposes

  • low self-esteem, self-doubt
  • problems in personal life
  • search for a partner, difficulties in establishing relationships, loneliness, lack of support or understanding
  • adaptation to life in Germany: problems with a new culture and a different mentality
  • prioritization
  • career guidance, career choice
  • search of social contacts
  • the grief process, separation from a loved one
  • a variety of crisis situations
  • overcome the difficulties in communicating and fear of public speaking
  • successful performance in front of an audience, negotiating



Sometimes people cannot decide to whom they address: a psychologist, a psychotherapist, a psychoanalyst, or perhaps even to a psychiatrist?

If you have to solve a controversial issue, such as whether to move to another country, or you want to learn how to explain to the parents that they do not have to control you, because you have grown up, you will choose counseling psychologist.

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If you have many years plagued by bouts of depression or other long-term problems, it is necessary to choose a psychotherapist. Psychotherapy, as opposed to psychological counseling, involves a process of personal change, in which the therapist guides you. Some problems can be solved only by changing your habitual way of reacting, or perception of the situation, and it takes time and many detailed discussions.

Some psychologists, including me, have also a psychotherapeutic education.


Tips of psychologist

People often expect psychologist to give a specific advice what to do in a particular situation. But good psychologists do not give advices, what to do. The mistake would be to think of a psychologist as a person who can in any situation suggest anyone what to do to be happy.

In reality, a trained psychologist (and a therapist) allows you to see the "blind spots", that are, those parts of the problem situation, which the client does not see and does not realize.

So, during the psychological session: the realization that before was overlooked makes it possible to move forward in the desired direction. It can be said that a psychologist or a therapist is specialists in finding and eliminating obstacles to happiness, rather than specifying the path to it, as it is different for each individual.


What does the client need to achieve success with counseling?

Psychological help - this is not a magic pill and radically different from the medical help, where there is a specific diagnosis and prescription.

A person who seeks the help of a psychologist is the client, rather than the patient. To solve his or her problem the client needs to take a responsibility for his or her own life, ask himself or herself questions and think. It takes courage to see something more than was seen before and to change the own model of thinking and the pattern of behavior.

The most successful client is the one who understands what it takes and is aware of it. The psychologist rather accompanies a client in his self-realization, but everything what is necessary to change a life makes the client for himself or herself.


Psychological counseling or social therapy?

We often find ourselves in a variety of complex life situations and solution which seems impossible. For many, this is a disaster of all the values.

All these have a direct impact on us and our mood. We lose faith in ourselves and strength. We begin to evaluate everything and everyone negatively.

Usually, problems are hidden from close ones and you experience all of it in isolation whilst staying with your thoughts alone.

I help my clients to see their problems more objectively, to see those from perspective which is not always visible from an inside point of view, finding the right way out.

In addition to psychological education, I also have a certificate of a Social therapist, so I can provide practical help and not only with "counseling" or "giving theoretical advice." I aim at the final result and help my clients to cope with any difficult situation whilst regaining a sense of confidence, peace, stability and sustainability


Additional services

  • Preparation of a psychological portrait (profile) of the person

    Preparation of a psychological portrait (profile) of the individual - is to identify the underlying individual psychological characteristics and social characteristics of a person.

  • Forecasting of human behavior in complex and conflict situations (Behavioral Analysis) proactively in time.
  • Emergency assistnce in difficult situations

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In difficult and extreme situations that make your lose the usual confidence, it is very difficult to objectively assess on your own what is happening, while being in the state of emotional tension and stress.

Incorrect decisions are often made in emergency situations which lead to negative consequences, both for the individual and for those around him or her.

I help my clients, listen, analyze and, if necessary, investigate all circumstances of their situation, support and help to find the correct decision which will not only lead out of difficult circumstances and critical situations, but also will help to take responsibility for vital decisions. Individual and couple counseling are possible.

It is necessary to make an appointment in advance.

If you cannot receive personal counseling, then it is possible to work with Skype.

All the information provided is strictly confidential.

To make an appointment write an e-mail, use the contact form or phone me


Duration of counseling 50 minutes
Price of counseling 75 €
Your questionsfree of charge
Social welfare discount up to 50%

The number of counseling sessions depends on your needs and desires.

It is necessary to make an appointment in advance. If you cannot receive personal counseling, then it is possible to work with Skype

To make an appointment write an send email, use the contact form or phone me.