About me

Personal information

I was born in 1970.

I grew up and studied in Leningrad.

Since 1990, I studied psychology in the United States, and in 1992 moved to Berlin.

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My psychological education proceeded in four countries:

Kirill Erehman

the United States of America, the Great Britain, Germany and Russia.


Qualification and Training

  • University of Kentucky (USA): Degree of Bachelor in Psychology.
  • University of Liverpool (United Kingdom): Degree of Master in Applied Psychology.
  • DEAKAD - Institute of Psychotherapy (Germany, Berlin): Systemic family therapist and social therapist. Certificate

Education at the Center of Applied Psychophysiology Korovin (Moscow): 
Certified contact polygraph examiner training program.


Professional experience

  • University of Northampton (United Kingdom): Researcher
  • PBBI Nord (Berlin): counseling, psychotherapy
  • Private Practice: psychological counseling, psychotherapy, polygraph examination.


Literary Activity

I have published a book «Eto» in Berlin in 2007. This novel is about love and overcoming PTSD.

In the Great Britain, I studied and later worked as a researcher in those two universities, which were conducting experiments in scientific parapsychology in addition to training in traditional psychology, so I have a good understanding of the difference between the scientific method and misconceptions which are spread out in the mass media.

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My experience in psychological counseling, conducting family therapy and polygraph testing in different countries allows me to provide my clients with effective assistance and support in the most difficult situations.


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Kirill Erehman
 Address: Neue Jacobstraße 1-3, 10179 Berlin
 Phone: 030-555-70745
 E-Mail: info@familyscreening.de
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